Thanks to fiberglass mesh, Carol Castro can ship her mosaic tiles to any location for installation there!

Each tile piece of the mosaic is adhered to the fiberglass mesh with a dab of glue. The fully assembled piece is then flipped, supported on a piece of foam core board, packaged, and shipped to your location.

Simply install the mosaic on mesh just as you would any solid ceramic tile, cure, grout, and enjoy!

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Each mesh-mounted Texas Flag mosaic weighs only 6 oz. and is 6" X 4 1/4"!
Carol Castro has shared mosaic tile making talents with Wichita Falls Habitat for Humanity homeowners since 2005. Shown (right) are six 4 1/4" square tiles made under Carol's instruction by the homeowner for the kitchen backsplash.
This PWOC logo (left) mounted on thin wood and framed serves as a trivet!

Order your logo in clay today!

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A recent successful project in Coppell, Tx was this nearly 4-feet high by 7-feet wide tile mural!

It was assembled completely in the studio on fiberglass mesh. Then, it was cut into pieces for transport.

A skilled contractor set the meshed tile on the wall and grouted. Fantastic job!
2515 Missile Road
Wichita Falls, TX 76306