Christian Art

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Carol Castro claims Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Her art reflects His sacrifice and words.

Candle holders, traditional or unique crosses, scriptural plaques, and sculpture are among her products.

Christian Art

"The Gap" is a two-piece wall plaque that explores man and God's relationship. The negative space forms a cross, allowing the wall behind to "color" the gap. "The Gap" is shown mounted on foam-board for shipping. A certificate explaining its spiritual significance and symbolism accompanies "The Gap". We bloom as babies, only to grow away from God. But at some point we turn and repent, seeking God. Only the death of Jesus Christ on the cross can bridge the gap between sinful man and Holy God. It's faith in what we can't see, that God loved us enough to send his only Son to die for us and provide forgivenss, that makes relationship possible with God.

The "Key to Heaven" (ABOVE) is her latest in a series featuring the Lord's hand. (LEFT) The free-standing sculpture in this series, "They Gave Him a Piece of Broiled Fish, Luke 24:42", has received two blue ribbons. Its' shadow forms a cross.

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