Teapots and Sets
Teapots are wheel-thrown with handbuilt spouts. All are foodsafe, but hand washing is recommended. Tea pours through three holes. Some lids can be designed to lock in place. Through email, customers will choose a basic shape and handle design, as well as flowers and glaze color. Expect an email sketch of the pot prior to production. Single teapots shown here have won awards in local art shows. Singles retail from $25.00 while the 3-pc. tray and teapot set begins at $95.00.
Big and Lidded
This tall vase placed second in a local art show. At 16" tall, it will be a focal piece for your room. From shoulder to the neck, it is covered in cornelli lace. It's price is $250. Other large vases, like this sponged seafoam beauty with fluted neck, start at $125. Vases can have lids or no lids. They can be made with food safe glazes inside. They can be decorated with sprays of flowers or even hand-built cobblestones and leaves. Like this speckled sunkist vase with red roses, a vase can be elevated on a hand-carved, fluted bottom. Small to medium vases are up to 10 inches tall and average in price from $35.00 to $65.00.
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Plates, Big, Plain,
and Fancy
Plates are wheel thrown with a hand-carved foot. The Cup and Plate set has a mug simple enough for everyday use, but paired with the cake-decorated saucer, it's an elegant way to serve coffee and cake. These retail for $25.00. Through email, expect to choose both the cup and handle design, as well as piped flowers and colors. Without cake-decoration, 7" plates retail for no more than $8.00 a piece, while plain 14" dinner plates begin at $14.00 a piece. Discounts will be given if complete service for 6 or more is ordered. Shown is Carol's Great Grapes plate, which is for decorative purposes only and retails for $35.00.
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Cyclinders are wheel thrown or hand-built. Texture, like fingernail scratchings or stamped images, can be added to the wet clay. Cylinders vary in prize according to size. Small 4" high cyclinders begin at $8.00, while tall, slim 14" models are $85.00. Quited clay vessels, featuring red, buff, and white clay in textured patichwork, have a clear glaze to show off the clay's natural beauty. They are handbuilt and not safe for food due to many crevices that form inside while being handbuilt. Lids can be made for cylinders, and are commonly called canisters. This pair were handbuilt to match a customer's wallpaper.
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"The Gap" varies in size, but not color. It comes with an artist's explanation. Shown is the largest $85.00 version, approximately 14" high. Cross magnets feature wood-like texture and retail for $6.00 a piece. The single, large cross of golden sand glaze has a stone-like texture and stamped words, "His Death, Our Eternal Life". Crosses this size, 1/2" thick, begin at $55.00. Smaller, less expensive versions can be made. Scriptural plaques are $25.00 per single slab of clay. If a verse requires two slabs, they will be joined through leather cord, for a price of $50.00. Those wanting a plaque should include the specific verse in the email, as well as an idea of possible decoration. Expect a detailed drawing of the custom plaque prior to production. These make a great wedding gift!
Carol Castro's windchimes are built for sturdiness, not sound. Pieces are 1/4" thick on cord. Texas-themed windchimes shown here retail for $35.00. There are endless variations, like cake-decorated "Howdy" woodchimes (not shown) with cowboy boots and hats. Expect a detailed drawing of custom orders prior to production.
Key Chains
Complete with 2" candle, wood-textured holders begin at $15.00 each. "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength" candle holder was custom-made for KMOC 89.5 FM. Retail price is $25.00 each. Key chains retail for $5.00 a piece.
Functional mugs are food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe. They retail for $9.00 each. Bowls are also $9.00 each. Challises are also foodsafe and fun! This pair retails for $17.00 and are about 9" high.
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Benches come in various sizes. For those with tops 10" high by 36" long, prices begin at $225.00. Bird baths start at $125.00
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