Jewelry and Beads

Beads on the Rack!

Earthenware bead making is fun and spontaneous! And the glaze colors POP!

Shown here are beads after a firing. Each bead has wire through its hole and is hung onto the longer wire pole of the K-1 stilt.

Carol compares bead firing to hanging up doll clothes on a rack.

Each bead is hand-formed and so, each one is slightly different and imperfect. Customers say that's what makes them beautiful!
People want to know how it's done. Her first jewelry student proudly displays her creation. Classes are $45.00.
Hot beads at a hot price! (Earthenware fires at 1945 degrees Farenheit)
Boxed earthenware bead necklace sets are truly, like all of Carol's products, one-of-a-kind. That makes selling multiples on the worldwide web nearly impossible.

Current boxed necklace/earring sets sell for $22.00. Single pendants on chains retail for $12.00. Bracelets, pendants and earrings on a card are $7.00.
Check out Carol's schedule to find out her next sales date and various gift shops in Wichita Falls.

Online customers should inquire based on a color preference. For example, customers interested in BLUE beads should make an email request to see a virtual gallery of jewelry currently available in BLUE.

Online orders can be completed through PayPal.

Wichita Falls area customers may also arrange a private viewing of jewelry.
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