The Cake Decorating Potter

Wichita Falls, Texas artist and potter, Carol Castro has been selling one-of-a-kind, custom, wheel thrown, cake-decorated ceramics since 2003. Calling herself "the cake decorating potter", Carol Castro pipes clay through a pastry bag to decorate her original stoneware pots.
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Carol Castro Ceramics

Custom, One-Of-A-Kind, Handbuilt, Wheelthrown, Cake-Decorated Ceramics
Roses are her favorite piped flower, but Carol is skilled at piping many, including lillies, full and half carnations, sweet peas, pansies, apple blossoms and five petal flowers. Sprays are accented with a variety of large and small piped and formed leaves.

Carol Castro pottery features generous handles, often heart shaped. The twisted stem pull on every lid not only identifies her work, but is easily grasped by left and right handers alike.
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2515 Missile Road
Wichita Falls, TX 76306